Camping Kafka: abroad at home

Brabant, 2017 - 2019 - What's happening at campsites and holiday parks? What's the difference between the way media show this issue and the perspective of campsite residents? A collaboration with campsite residents.

CAMPING KAFKA: abroad at home

Nowhere in the world are as many holiday parks as in The Netherlands. In the past, they were used as leisure grounds for families. Nowadays air travel is affordable for everyone. More and more holiday bungalows and mobile homes are inhabited by citizens who get lost in a web of rules. Camping Kafka shows our society from their perspective and searches for alternatives.



Camping Kafka: Weg in eigen land (i.e. Abroad at home) took shape as an installation and public program during Graphic Matters 2017 in Breda. The installation shows the camping issue in a new figuration: no pictures with police uniforms in front of derelict mobile homes, no emphasis on crime or antisocial trailer parks. Central piece of the installation is a maze showing different vicious circles campsite residents live in. This maze is surrounded by emoji's demonstrating characters, feelings and events people living in holiday parcs have to deal with. A slide refers to camping aesthetics.



Every Friday afternoon in the installation a testcase took place. Every time the issue was approached from a different prespective: freelance work and tiny housing, elderly and campsite owners, people who get stuck in our society and social workers and at last migrant workers and employment agencies. Each testcase started with a campsite resident telling her story.



During research phase and testcases lots of people got involved in Camping Kafka: policy makers, welfare and social professionals, campsite owners and residents and others. Together we started a movement, sharing responsibilities towards this issue: all look for alternatives. This search is summarized in an article published by newspapers BN De Stem and Brabants Dagblad (Dutch only). With the movement the team behind Camping Kafka works on a tour to locations where the campsite issue visible.


Camping Kafka is a project by Academie voor Beeldvorming and was made in close collaboration with Ruben Pater / Untold Stories.


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Images: Mike Harris