#YOUAREAROSE (b): preparations

Wroclaw, May 2016 - How to change the minds of people? Why people have fixed ideas about others in their minds? A collaboration with Herman Ciurar and his family.

#YOUAREAROSE: 2. Preparations
#YOUAREAROSE: 2. Preparations

In June 2016 I returned to Wroclaw again on invitation of A-i-R Wro. Because of the change of politics in Poland, Nomada couldn't be a partner in the project any more: they were out of money and, fighting for the human rights of so called 'alien people', exhausted of the constant clash with a government turning society more and more to nationalism.


Together with Herman Ciurar I decided to move on. Our main goal stayed similar: to change the minds of the people. Or as Herman said: "I don't know why people have these fixed ideas about us without knowing us." We wanted to work from Novembers research into public space: on Rynek, the main city square. Because of so many people passing by, and because of so many people from the community of Romanian Roma on the square every day selling roses to make enough money to pay for today's necessities.


We talked to members of the Roma community living in the Koczowisko - Polish for temporary settlement - at Ul. Kamienskiego in Wroclaw. We decided to build a barrack, like the ones all Roma live in at this settlement, in the city center. This barrack is the starting point of an open collaboration with others: citizens, other artists, policy makers, journalists, researchers. Working like this people will show their feelings and preoccupations towards the subject. To help us starting up we invited Piotr Gardecki, painter, to paint some roses, Diego Pileggi and Agnieszka Bresler, Jubilo Theatre Group to organize some workshops. This framework was used to work on an intervention on Rynek.