How to be unequal to each other?

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Klaas Burger works in between visual arts, journalism, urgent social issues, policy development and community building.


Key challenge is learning from each other through collaboration. Starting to learn makes us more equal: although we try to control, in the end we have to admit we don't know the future, each other, nor ourselves. In all other things we are unequal: different faces, different life stories, different expertise, different expectations. How to use this difference in a proper way? How to make it into a source of knowledge?


How to turn our inequality into a resilient force in the middle of society?


In this field of learning, art is an accessible form to show changes in ourselves or the world surrounding us. Art helps to raise questions, express feelings, tell stories and find support. It is not yet an opinion, but more a communal trigger showing blind spots, inviting people to get involved. Especially nowadays, in our digital and global world, art shows the importance of a local reality.