Monument to a happy future

Noord-Brabant, 2013 - How to think about the future when you lost your home? How to stay positive? A collaboration with Serif Hopic and his family.

Monument to a happy future
Beemd, Breda (NL)

MONUMENT TO A HAPPY FUTURE is a series of acts.


On a brass rod, 1,40 m long, the title of the work is mounted in gilded letters. This rod was stuck in the ground at all locations where Serif Hopic, with his wife and some grandchildren, stayed in a motor home between spring 2012 and summer 2013 by necessity. The rod was photographed at each location from 1,31 m, at identical heights. This registration is displayed in such a way that the title can be read horizontally. Three pictures are shown here.


MONUMENT TO A HAPPY FUTURE is part of We Are Citizens, a project concerning Roma in Breda (NL) & Kosice (SK) and part of 2018Eindhoven|Brabant Cultural Capital of Europe - Candidate (the bidbook).

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